BL7110 Bondigo Swinging Bouncer with Vibration

  • Fixed and swinging design
  • Large interior volume
  • Two adjustable recline seat positions
  • Vibration
  • Toy bar with musical zebra and hanging toys
  • Adjustable 3-point harness
  • Extra safety belts on back side


BL7110 Bondigo Swinging Bouncer with Vibration

Recommended maximum weight: 18 kg

    • Thanks to its special skeletal structure, the design that can both swing and be fixed supports the physical and sensory development of the little ones.
    • Comfortable and peaceful sleep for babies is important for their development. Your rocking mother’s lap. The large sitting and sleeping area it has provides comfort and confidence. The little ones fall into a deep sleep by rocking on the cushion with a special fabric texture.
    • Playtime is one of the most important activities to accelerate the physical and sensory development of little ones. Due to its skeletal structure, when you fix the Bondigo cradle, the little ones can play as much as they want with the game bar and their own toys, with the advantage of a large seating area.
    • The back part, which can be adjusted to two different angles, supports the physical development of the little ones and provides convenience to the parents.

– Horizontal position: Quality sleep time
– Angled position: Fun game time

  • For peaceful and comfortable sleep times, the shaking feature is accompanied by the vibration feature. The vibration feature, which allows the little ones to fall into a deep sleep calmly, can be turned off at any time via the vibration box.
  • The zebra with contrast colors and melodies in the toy bar that can be attached to the sides of the baby’s lap accelerates the sensory and mental development of the little ones. Rotating toys with colorful and different animal characters on both sides of the zebra attract the attention of the little ones and support the development of visual intelligence.
  • With the 3-point belt system, your baby is always safe.
  • Extra attachment points on the sides and back of the Bondigo cradle so that the seat cushion can be fused on the frame ensure the safety of the little ones and the comfort of the parents.

Carrying capacity: 18 kg
Fabric parts can be hand washed.
It is used with battery. Vibration box (1 Piece D); Zebra (2 x LR44)
The vibration box does not have a battery in the box. Only the zebra’s battery (LR44) is included in the box.

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